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Operating systems for the home

Home cloud 1.5 years later - operational experience

Home cloud 1.5 years later

Auto-switching on and off of home servers

My videos about the home cloud


Home cloud a year later

Ready-made NAS options

How much space is needed in the NAS

Wires or WiFi

IT at home

Database schema migrations

No backend

BASH Basics

Changes to the event history in event sourcing

Event sourcing App template

Inline event sourcing

Classic event sourcing

Simplicity and primitivism




Planetary Technologies and SOHO

No estimations

Backend as a service

Kotlin App Template

Code review

Every line of code is constantly eating

jOOQ Features

Logging principles

How to run server applications in 2023

Semantic versions

Choosing an ORM for Kotlin

Operating Systems 2023

Choosing a database

One language for UI and server

The choice among server application development platforms

Why not Golang

Why Kotlin instead of Java

How did I not make KGenMapper

Excalidraw — User-friendly whiteboard and chart drawing

Whisper.cpp — modern open-source speech-to-text translation engine

Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS and Ubuntu

Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS and OpenWRT

Storage subsystem for Event sourcing

Work queues

Parallel-sequential message processing

Everything you need to know about SQL

Everything you need to know about HTTP

Wi-Fi versions