Computer devices at home can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Wifi routers
  2. Smart TVs and set-top boxes
  3. Home servers and NAS
  4. Video surveillance systems
  5. Smart Home Systems
  6. Mobile devices
  7. Computers and laptops

As you can see from the list, only NAS, mobile devices and computers contain data. The rest of the devices are just a small configuration file.

It is critically important for the home that the systems do not require any maintenance. In this regard, the purchase of specialized devices usually pays off.

In specialized devices, in addition to the usual characteristics, it is important to take into account several additional points related to software:

  1. Completely local operation - without mobile applications and without clouds of manufacturers, because it can easily turn out that the company no longer exists, and the device could continue to work, but it no longer works
  2. Transparent software support policy – how many years will the manufacturer support it
  3. The ability to install open source software – mainly for cases when the manufacturer has already finished software support

Brief recommendations by category:

  1. Wifi routers – it is worth paying attention to the brands Keenetic, Asus, TP-Link: good devices, full-fledged software, update firmware, you can usually install OpenWRT, but they may be expensive relative to the Chinese and sell outdated models
  2. Smart TVs and set-top boxes – here, if there are any quality requirements, the main thing is not to buy the cheapest, it is better to look for relevant specific recommendations elsewhere
  3. Home servers and NAS – Synology is the clear leader
  4. Video surveillance systems - there are quite a lot of them boxed, I use several - work fine, but I did not conduct any in-depth analysis
  5. Smart home systems – Aqara looks the best now (Chinese with its own program, but compatible with Apple’s smart home, and the equipment supports the Zigbee standard – can be used separately, if anything)
  6. Mobile devices - everyone has already formed their own preferences here
  7. Computers and laptops - everyone has already formed their own preferences here

In the following notes, the main focus will be on the “Home servers and NAS” category – boxed solutions for it are too expensive relative to the ability to assemble on their own. And they are not satisfied with the details (for example, complete silence is important to me).