When building a home network, the question always arises - should I lay the wires or connect everything via WiFi?

If you lay wires, then there are several problems:

  • in fact, this is a renovation in an apartment /house
  • it is necessary to determine in advance where to place the sockets
  • we need a separate cabinet where the wires will come
  • wires are slower than WiFi (a typical network is now gigabit, and WiFi is often faster)
  • this does not cancel WiFi, because mobile phones and in many ways laptops will remain on it

Usually the main argument is the “stability” of the wires. Here you can comment only on the basis of experience: I have been living without wires for years, but no problems have been noticed.

As a result, I prefer a completely WiFi solution on several points combined into a mesh network (they work as one point).

Potentially, these points can be connected by wires, but immediately there is a desire to lay something else somewhere, if you are going to make repairs. And we get all the disadvantages of a wired network. Therefore, you need to put it a little tighter than you could, but without wires.

I can think of 2 exceptions (in these cases, I would lay wires only for these tasks):

  1. An online game where delays matter. Yes, unlike watching videos or web pages, you can potentially notice some drawdowns here. And WiFi itself can give a small but additional delay.
  2. Connection between the video processing workstation and the NAS server where this video is stored: here it makes sense to use a 10GB straight wire for comfortable editing.