[Advantages](htpc://micro os.opensuse.org/):

  • Easy rollback to the previous state of the system and some basic checks for automatic rollback. The well-known distribution (SUSE) is a good base (a lot of packages, OS and organizations have been around for years, there is hope that they will not go bankrupt soon). The distribution (and the company itself) is quite thinking about the home market.
    • Rodman as the default container engine.
    • BTRFS as the basis of the distribution.
  • Easy to install Cockpit, as well as make a web version of their installer.

These advantages are already enough, and the more I look, the more I like it - and the auto-installation system, and the default console, etc.

As a result, having suffered a bit with Rocky Linux, I tried this system. And everything went, albeit not quite smoothly.

Again, most of the configuration is practically independent of the distribution – if it becomes clear that there is something better, then it’s easy to switch, but so far I haven’t seen it better.