Why do code reviews?

  1. Verification of compliance with policies and best practices – not everything is automated (and hardly possible)
  2. Broadening the horizons in the project code – what works how, what has recently been changed
  3. Broadening the general horizons – as others write – especially for beginners
  4. Find errors (both in the formulation of the problem and in the implementation) – a fresh look

The search for errors in the last place is not accidental - it is a fresh look, not a close search for errors. The reviewer is not responsible for errors, but he is responsible for the inconsistency of the code with policies and practices.

How do I do a code review?

  1. Notification in some developer chat that MR can be watched. You can assign reviewers through the Git UI, or you can not - as you agree.
  2. It is expected that they will start to fade within 10 minutes. Normally up to an hour depending on the current load.
  3. It is adequate if there are less than 50 files in MR - otherwise, whatever you do, the quality of the review will drop.
  4. The review usually takes from a minute to 10 minutes. The reviewer is not expected to read every comma.