The home cloud (more precisely, it can be called for SOHO - for small and home office) is a software and hardware complex to remove most of the dependence on rental resources. First of all, to increase economic efficiency.

This movement is also called self hosting.

There is also a similar HomeLab class, but in it system administrators build test labs at home. The main difference is there for experimentation and learning, and a home cloud for working somewhere in the background, like a home wifi router.

The initial level of systems is NAS devices. For example, from Synology. There is a replacement of services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, you can run additional applications and even your own (in some models). Among the advantages is the maximum boxed solution, and among the disadvantages are cost and limitations.

It is possible to run something like this on your hardware. Some solutions:

After analyzing my needs, I realize that just NAS devices are not enough for me, because I still need to run a lot of programs. That’s why I’m building my home cloud on a NAS + K8s cluster. For more information, see my “Home Cloud” video series. For more information about why Kubernetes is at home, see the note “Kubernetes at home”.